Fast Lane Review

The blog Black Dog Asana just posted a cool review on our women's Fast Lane in Cool Grey. This is a neat blog where the author shares her experiences through yoga with the reader, among other wellness and beauty topics. Check it out and read what this blogger has to say about our "stylish vegan shoes" that are fashionable and comfy! 


The Perfect Gift


Holiday Gift Guide

 The holidays are right around the corner, and this year you should give your loved ones some green gifts! Greenstreamline has amazing eco friendly options! See Unstitched here on their list among other cool ideas. 

One Green Planet

 We just finished sending out 6 new pairs of Unstitched to the winners from One Green Planet, congrats! If you're looking for a great website to get all your green info and answers from, One Green Planet is the place to go. This site points you in the right direction on good decision making about our planet, people and animals. Find news, advice, reviews and recipes that help maintain your green lifestyle. It was an absolute pleasure to have our shoes reviewed on here this month! If you haven't read it yet, check it out here: Unstitched Utilities Product Review


1band 1brand

This week we teamed up with the band Vinyl Thief for a feature on 1band 1brand. This awesome site features a new band and brand each week. Their goal is to enable new and independent bands and fashion labels the oppurtunity to reach a bigger audience. Don't miss out on new music and fashion every week! 




CBS NY Chats With Unstitched

Recently, CBS chatted with one of UU's co founders for a great interview. Read it all here to get the whole story! 




Check out the whole interview at CBS NY.

Shoe Contest

 Make sure to enter to win a free pair of Unstitched from Ma Petite!



UU on Wha'ts Trending

 We are so excited to see UU on What's Trending from the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show! Check it out! 


Check out our recent shout out on the blog Vegansaurus! This lifestye blog is really cool, covering all topics related to veganism. Don't miss out on recipes, fashion, politics, pets and giveaways! Take a look at their post about us Here.


NY Times Blog

We were recently featured in the blog, IHT Rendezvous from The Global Edition Of The New York Times. Check out their post, Sustainable Innovation: The Vegan Shoe to learn more about Unstitched!

Learn about the brand's history, tyvek, and recycling! Don't miss out, read it now!